KK GROUP established in 2015, is a leading trendy retail enterprise in China. Relying on its multi-brand strategy, the Group has Integrated lifestyle specialty retail brand [KKV], Beauty specialty retail stores [THE COLORIST], Global Pop culture specialty retail stores[X11], Lifestyle mini marts[KK guan]and other high-quality brands.

As a representative company and practitioner of the trendy retail model, brands under the Group are continuously expanding their market share and have developed 707 offline stores in over 190 main cities across China, It has 707 stores ,which are located in the top shopping districts and shopping malls we continue to expand to provide a leisure shopping experience for the new generation of consumers, mainly Generation Z, to meet a good lifestyle.

Up to now, the Group has more than 700 offline stores in 200+ key cities in 31 provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing and Indonesia, and has settled in the top business districts and shopping centers in the cities where it is located, and continues to expand.

KK GROUP aims to achieve the enterprise mission of [create an enjoyable life without boundaries], and is committed to the innovative development to further become a world-class trendy retail enterprise by providing a continuous sense of belonging and achievement for its employees.


Specialty retail refers to a new retail model that highlights products’ unique concepts and styles, entertaining functionalities with creative and fashionable designs, and an immersive shopping experience.
KK GROUP advocates the "on-trend retail" philosophy of "Aesthetics + Technology": Aesthetics enhances experience, technology enhances efficiency.

Aesthetics enhances experience: Base on the insight that ‘the Facial attractivness comes first’ from the Z generation. KK GROUP believes in the extreme aesthetics experience. From the dimensions of store interior design, color mood board, display of the products to support the upgrading of stores scenes. This aesthetic can be fully manifested from every brands under KK GROUP. Whether it is KKV designed with a bright yellow container, or THE COLORIST who changed the look of classic black and white tones of the offline beauty stores, or X11 the X11 that maximizes space aesthetics. With the ultimate aesthetic space and display design, they create an immersive shopping experience of "one step, one scene" for consumers.

Technology to improve efficiency: Relying on the technical background of the operation team and the full understanding of the Retailing. KK GROUP continues to invest and innovate in informational, Datamation and intelligent systems with Internet thinking. To ensure the accuracy of the data, reduce human intervention through no BA service, no large-scale promotion activities, etc. With data driven to update product pools, continuously launching new products to make sure our customers can buy more brand new and cost-effective products from KK GROUP.

In 2015, KK GROUP was established.
The Company's parent enterprise Guangdong KK E-commerce Co., Ltd. was registered, and launched the first brand of [KK Guan].
- In May, the company launched the first exquisite lifestyle trend retail brand "KKV".
- In September, "KKV" won the Asia Cup "Anchor Store Innovation Leading Brand" at the Asia Pacific Retailers Conference.
- In September, THE company launched its first large-scale beauty trend retail brand "THE COLORIST".
- The company was officially upgraded to "KK Group"
- In January, the company launched the first global fashion culture trend retail brand "X11".
- In March, KKV launched a new single-family flagship store to implement its global strategy and entered the Southeast Asian market for the first time, with the first overseas store landing in Central Park, Indonesia.
KKV Implemented a global strategy and entered the Southeast Asian market for the first time with the opening of the first overseas shop in Central Park, Indonesia.
- In September, it was listed on the "2020 Hurun Global Unicorn List".
- In April, the founder was listed on the "Fortune · China's 40 Business Elites Under 40 in 2021" list.
- In May, "X11" launched the flagship store type.
- In July, KKV launched THE new 2.0 "Motel" themed concept store.
- In May, joined hands with Meituan, Jingdong Home, Ele. me and other local life service platforms to open up "instant retail".
- In May, "X11" opened a new art concept store".
- In July, KKV launched a new 3.0 "Super cargo ship" themed concept store.
- By the end of 2022, KK Group has more than 700 stores.
In April, it was listed on Hurun Research Institute's 2023 Hurun Global Unicorn List.
- In May, the 13th China Canada Expo invited KK Group to jointly build the first fashion exhibition hall
KKV was selected as xinhua "new quality and new power" 2023 national brand excellent case
X11 was selected as Forbes China new brand Top 100 ("Creative" category)
KK Group won the "Annual Innovative Upgraded Retail Enterprise" at the 18th China Commercial Real Estate Festival
KK Group listed in Hurun Research Institute's Global Unicorn List 2023
KK Group selected in China Shopping Center Industry 2022 Annual Star Show List "Commercial Brand Excellence Star Show List"
The group's KKV and colorist respectively won the 2023CiE Beauty Awards "Most Cooperative value Fashion Department Store" and "Most Influential Chain Store" awards
KK Group won the "Venture50 for New Consumption in the Investment Community 2022"
KK Group won the "Global Unicorn Company in 2022" by Hurun
X11 won the CoolTop100 brand of 2022 new domestic products.
The Company won the "Best Industry Annual Financing Award" at the 2021 China Financing Awards.
In May 2021, the Group was awarded the "Outstanding Growth Retailer of the Year" and X11 was awarded the "Industry Leading Brand of the Year" at the 16th China Commercial Real Estate Festival
On March 1, 2021, KK Group was selected as the [2021 China Consumer Brand List - New Consumer Brands for Generation Z]
In March 2021, KK Group was awarded the "MallChina 2020 Commercial Brand Excellence Star Award" and X11 was awarded the "MallChina 2020 Commercial Brand Emerging-brand Star Award"
THE COLORIST was awarded the [Most Innovative Retailer of the Year 2020] by China Cosmetic Summit
The Group was awarded the [2020 China's Top100 Startups voted by Investors] by 36kr.com
The Group was awarded the [2020 China's Top100 Unicorn companies voted by Investors] by 36kr.com
In December 2020, KK Group was listed on Top 50 Best Innovative Companies in China in 2020 by Fast Company
In September 2020, KK Group was awarded with the title of [Development Potential Demonstration] in China International Fair for Trade in Services
In 2020, the Group entered the "Global Only Physical Commerce Unicorns of the Year 2019" according to the latest Retail Technology Foresight Report by the world's leading market data research firm CB Insights.
KK Founder and CEO was awarded the title of [Retail Leader] of the Year 2020 at the 15th Commercial Real Estate Festival
In 2019, THE COLORIST won the Industry Innovation Leading Brand of the Year 2019 by the China Commerce Development Forum
In 2019, THE COLORIST won the title of MallChina China Commercial Brand [Emerging-brand Star Award]
In 2019, the "Innovative Leading Brand of KKV Anchor Store" at the 19th APRCE Commercial Real Estate - Asian Cup
In 2019, the Company was awarded the [Top 20 New Consumer Power Brands of the Year 2019] at the 3rd Retail Innovation Summit
In 2019, THE COLORIST won the title of "Shopping Center Experience-oriented Fashion Brand of the Year"
In 2019, KKV won the title of "Innovative Experience Trendy Brand of the Year"
The Company was awarded the title of "Leading Brand of the Power of Role Models of the Year 2019" at the 14th China Commercial Real Estate Festival
The Group had the honor to get the title of [Lifestyle Company of the Year] at the 4th China New - Entertainment New Consumption Summit 2019
The Group won the title of Top 20 Most Influential Innovative Companies in the New Consumer Sector at CEO Summit 2019
The Group was awarded the title of Top 50 China s High Growth Chains by [2019 Franchise CHINA 50]
In 2018, the Company won the MallChina China Commercial Brand [Emerging-brand Star Award]
In 2018, the Company won the title of China Experience Commercial Real Estate [Pilot Award] - Shopping Center Experience-oriented Fashion Brand
The Company won the title of "2017-2018 Outstanding Growth Retail Enterprise" in Commercial Real Estate [Golden Awards] at the 13th Commercial Real Estate Festival
The Company was awarded the title of "High Growth Company of the Year 2018" by STCN
In 2016, the Company was selected from hundreds of participating companies and was awarded the title of "China's Most Growing Chain Business Brand" in the 11th China Commercial Real Estate Festival
[THE COLORIST] won the title of the brand with fastest growing and great development potential in Chinese beauty chain by the Japanese authoritative economic media "Nikkei MJ".
KK Group won the best strategic partner by Jingdong Logistics
The Company won the [Most Creative Award] of the China Retail Industry's Favorite Emerging Brand of the Year 2016 by www.ccagm.org.cn
The Company won the 2015-2016 Most Growing Emerging Brand in Southwest China of in Commercial Real Estate [Golden Awards]
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